The sea… “No other subject offers the artist the beauty, drama and breathtaking power”.

With that statement, Clyde Owes directs his artistic efforts towards capturing the moods, colors and unending movements of the sea.  Illustrative of a life-long affinity for the sea.

Mr. Owes’ work reflects an extraordinary visual insight beyond that of most seascape artists.  For more than thirty years, he has captured the turbulent and the serene sea.  In 1995 he entered the National Park Service Art competition, and out of 2400 national artists he not only was included in the final 100, but received the prestigious Judges award.  Clyde is a member of the International Society of Marine painters, and Oil Painters of America and is also shown in many galleries and Art shows on the Central Coast.

As he would say, “The finale reward Is knowing my efforts have produced a painting that someone can stand back and say, ‘Yes! That is the sea.  That’s how it looks and feels”.  Clyde passed away 2004 and is survived by his daughter Melody who continues to keep his legacy alive for all to enjoy.